After many years as an in-house translator and a casual freelancer, I have finally decided to establish seriously as a freelancer in the industry. Having had very bad experience with Upwork(formerly Elance-oDesk), and not quite impressed by translatorscafe, I decided to start over from

I didn’t jump in to professional membership right away, but chose the free account option instead. Registration was easy enough. And there is a lot of traffic and job postings every day on ProZ. However due to the quoting delay,  some jobs are long gone before I can even quote. There are occasionally very good offers from reputable agencies/clients, but restricted to members only. It’s painful to sit there and watch the opportunity slip away.

Other limitations on free accounts include:

  • Limited access from ProZ mobile
  • Limited access to Blue Board
  • Low-priority quotes
  • Can’t track visitors on profile
  • Low-priority directory listing
  • No discounts on software, tools and conferences

Honestly, I haven’t got a single job with my free account. So after about a week, I bought a  professional membership. There is also a Plus package, which includes a few more benefits like terminology packages, subscription to video library, free/discounted product licenses, etc. As a new-comer the plus package seems unnecessary for now.

Professional membership can be a little pricey (120 dollars/year) for starters. And note that it is not a guarantee for jobs. But I have had much smoother sailing since purchase. In less than a month, I have had more jobs than ever and I have already earned back the membership cost.

A proZ professional membership comes with many benefits and can boost your publicity quite a bit. With that little green ribbon (and green tick if you verify your identity), you have more credibility and appear more professional in the eyes of the clients. So Is it worth it ? If you want to invest in your profession and gain profit in the long run, a pro membership is definitely worth a shot. 

But bear in mind that a paid membership doesn’t automatically roll in jobs for you – there are lots to be done in terms of skills, abilities and experience. Have your past client/colleague put in some reviews for you, write a good bio, actively reach out to your clients, be very vigilant about your product quality for good WWA rating, etc. It’s a great way to start establishing yourself in the industry.  If you are a quick learner, you will find more work than you can handle in a relatively short time !

If you have any questions regarding proZ membership or Certified pro on ProZ, feel free to contact me.