Xbox One wireless controller definitely looks awesome. Aside from numerous design variants readily available, you can also customize your own unique controller using Design Lab. Me, I just got a regular one with grey & blue.

After about a week of trying out the Xbox One Wireless controller, I got to say, it feels better than my old xbox 360 controller. It more sleek, more ergonomic, and I especially like that little click sound of LB & RB buttons.

But if you are considering buying an Xbox One wireless controller for PC gaming, and you are planning to connect via Bluetooth, with or without a dongle, please be warned that the controller may cause significant frame rate drop and in-game stuttering. I only found this out when I happily connected my Xbox one controller for Vampyr. It runs at 62-72 fps with keyboard & mouse input, but when using a Bluetooth Xbox One Controller, the frame rate drops drastically to 8 frames per second. Updating the driver did nothing for me. And after a rigorous session of google search, it seems that there is little we can do other than buying the wireless adapter, or connecting it via USB, which defeats the whole purpose of getting a wireless controller.

Please consider this before you buy an XBOX One wireless controller.