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Video games and software translations are trickier than traditional translations – Not only will we have to deliver accurate contents, but also understand the contexts, basic tags, codes, UI layouts, character limits and the particular platform .

Having collaborated with some of the AAA publishers and developers, I have gathered abundant experience and promise to provide:

– Strict confidence and privacy protection regarding your project.

– Concise, smooth and variables-friendly translations with great attention paid to details.

– Agile content based on layouts, tags, the nature of the platform and character limits.

– Faithful adaptation of your style; Suggestions and advices regarding cultural issues, audience mentality and habits.


Before the commencement of your project, I would kindly ask you to provide certain instructions like the treatment of proper names, titles, numbers, dates, platforms, main target audience, your preferred style, etc. During the project, I will also send a Q&A sheet. Upon completion, I will also generate a glossary for future reference.

Note: I do not employ machine translation of any kind, nor will I accept machine translation post-editing requests.

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