Recently I have decided to finally upgrade my “battle station”.

Now “Battle Station” is a bit of an exaggeration. And I certainly didn’t upgrade to any top tier fancy stuff. I am a video game translator who travels a lot. I translate games, test games, play games. My main concern would be comfort – since I spend my whole day in front of the computer. The second concern would be the reliability – I don’t want my mouse breaking down in the middle of a trip. Then finally, it should, to some extent, suit my gaming needs (not heavily competitive).  When you take that combination into consideration, it’s a little hard to find a satisfactory product. Well, harder than when you are shopping purely for gaming/working needs.

Keyboard: I have just received my Cooler Master masterkeys pro S white LED keyboard with cherry mx red switches. The switches feel heavenly for me, since I tend to type very fast and I don’t need my actuation force to be too strong. Red switches are known as “gaming” switches, so when I finish my job and decide to whack a few zombies, they will serve me well too. The keyboard lacks RGB lighting, which is a major turn off for some people. But it doesn’t need any software to run or to customize LED – a simple Fn+F4 will let you cycle through about 10 different LED mode, and you can use shortcut to record LED lighting. It’s not too heavy, and the cord is detachable, making it easy to transport. So if you are a video game translator in the same situation, be sure to check out this keyboard. Consider getting a wrist rest too.

Mouse: Logitech G603 wireless. This one is a workhorse. If you use it purely for work purposes, it can last up to 18 months on a pair of AA batteries. I have experienced 0 issue – no double-clicking, no delays. The curve is a little steeper than G pro. Everyone has a different hand shape, find a store and try it out yourself before pulling the trigger. I use it for gaming too. I can crank it up to 12000 DPI, but sadly I cannot handle such high DPI.

Headset: Logitech G533 wireless. I like walking around when I use dictation to work, and I certainly hate pulling off my headset during a gaming session just to get a glass of water. There is nothing exceptional about this one. The bass is strong, though. and the mic is very clear.

Bag: Lenovo Legion Y series armor backpack (yes because I bought a lenovo legion y series laptop). This bag is a little bit on the expensive side, and heavier too due to the exoskeleton. But with the chest strap, I can easily carry all my stuff (plus some clothes) around without shoulder strain. The exoskeleton provides extra protection for your precious lappy, and you can fit all your peripherals in the three spacious compartments of the backpack. The pack can stand upright on its own, i especially like that, because I don’t have to worry about leaning it against anything to prevent it from falling flat on the ground.

Now when I started hunting for new peripherals, my go-to brand was Razer, since I have always been wanting to check out their products. I bought Razer Electra V2 USB headset and Ornata Chroma Mech-Membrane keyboard, both of which I have returned. Electra clamps too hard on my moderate-sized head and gave me huge, unbearable migraines. It felt like that my head was caught in a bulldog clip. Ornata felt great at first, with the mechanical-like clickity-clack. But the keys became harder and harder to press and on the fifth day, the space bar was stuck midway down. The wrist rest felt supreme though. Still, I wouldn’t recommend Razer to anyone, whether you are a gamer or a video game translator like me.